We are an established supplier of EFS compliant formal IP Illustration services to law firms, corporations and entrepreneurs domestically across the USA and internationally. All inquiries and quote requests are welcome.  Our rate card is available, simply request by email.  Our portfolios contain hundreds of issued examples of our work spanning over 3 decades.

We prepare both mechanical utility and industrial design application drawing sets for USPTOPCTForeign Filing as well as the Hague Convention for international industrial designs.  In addition, we are a proficient producer of of formal drawings for BioTech patents with particular experience preparing formal drawings for PCT.  For BioTech, it is common to receive a volume of client supplied materials used in preparing formal drawings which may include but is not limited to DOCX, PPTX, PDF, SnapGene source files and a number of other sources from client supplied publications to support preparation.

Estimated total patent drawings prepared since 1988…and counting!

We possess intensive experience across a myriad of IP art from:

medical devices,
complex machinery,
communications technologies,
consumer products,
renewablefossil fuels and nuclear energy technologies,
software patents,
and 30 plus years of more


Globally Competitive Rates

IMTechnicals delivers a highly competitive rate schedule comparable to any fee structure put forth by competing vendors. Biotech clients benefit from a further lower rate for applications supported by acceptable source disclosures.  Mechanical and industrial design applications most commonly fall under our standard competitive rates.  Clients filing extremely complex mechanical and industrial design applications, rare by our standard, may incur a nominal surcharge for the complex page(s). With the provision of acceptable CAD files, however, the standard low rate may apply for complex matters as well.

Expert Biotech, Complex Machine, Industrial Design & Trademark Illustration.


We are proficient at preparing any type of mechanical drawing view from perspective, exploded perspective, cross section, isolated, elevation and plan views. We prepare s/w UI screens, charts, flow diagrams, biotech, DNA sequencing and micro-graphs. We are particularly adept at preparing drawings for complex industrial design as well as soft good products. In addition, clients regularly rely on our consistent ability to formalize drawings that overcome examiner objections to drawings prepared by inadequate vendors, applications filed with engineering drawings or inferior drawings prepared by inventors.

Work Ethic

From Tom Dean:
“As a patent illustrator, I have been serving the IP community since 1988 and offer clients the full measure of my experience.  My imperative is to deliver not just an acceptable drawing package for the purpose of filing applications; my imperative is to deliver a drawing package which along with counsel’s specification and claims may support the rights of a patent holder in the event of future litigation.  In the global marketplace, we have an array of vendor options.  For clients seeking both solid patent drawing packages and low costs, IMTechnicals delivers professional quality drawings.” 

Drawing Revisions

Drawing revisions are complimentary within the scope of what is originally disclosed.  Revision requests outside the scope of an original request or disclosure may incur additional fees, though, this is rare and when possible, factored into preliminary discussions with clients at the outset.


IMTechnicals offers flexible scheduling/rate options providing for and balancing with a client’s shifting budget vs deadline needs.  The highest level of savings may be achieved when clients engage our services early in the process allowing time to render, review and finalize services avoiding a rush.  Finalization edit requests for projects underway and the production of drawings with shorter filing timeframes receive priority over the production of pending non-urgent services.  Clients should anticipate the return delivery of finalization edits within 1-3 business days.

We work with a client’s delivery schedule request for a given project on a project by project basis and subject to current availability.  Please allow for weekends and holidays to be excluded from all scheduling estimates. See rate card for additional guidance and terms of service for details.

Virtual Meetings

We are available to meet with clients virtually via either Microsoft Teams or Zoom anytime to discuss projects, etc.


To assist our efforts in serving your needs, clients should secure and provide the best possible quality disclosures as is available for use in rendering services.  We accept and work with whatever form a disclosure may take from rough or rudimentary sketches to engineering drawings, CAD models, photographs, product samples, notes, instructions, etc.


We offer flexible payment terms to law firms and corporate clients.  We also work with individual inventors directly on a retained basis.  We accept secure online payment via ACH and all major credit cards.  We also accept payment by check.  Refer to terms of service for complete details.

Patent Drawing Deliverables

Default delivery of filing drawings is standard Adobe PDF (Archivable PDF/A).  Alternative deliverable formats such as Adobe Illustrator files, individual image files, etc are available.

Vetted Vendors

The protection of your client’s IP is paramount. Know with whom you entrust confidential information. There are no shortcuts or automated methods to delivering a professional defensible IP work product.  Avoid vendors offering unprofessionally low illustration rates.  At the very least you may file patent drawings containing potentially unrecoverable errors.  IMTechnicals continues to successfully recover applications in jeopardy of final rejection due to applicants filing inferior drawings prepared by presumed “professionals”.  We honor our client’s trust by delivering work our client can trust.  References are a great place to start, IMTechnicals is pleased to supply multiple references for consideration.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

We are pleased to review and if acceptable, sign a client’s supplied NDA.

In House Services

All IP services are performed within the USA and IMTechnicals does not outsource IP work to 3rd party contractors.

File Format Capabilities

We accept CAD/CAM files in all major native formats from Autodesk®, SolidWorks®, Pro/ENGINEER and many other CAD platforms.  For reference, STEP formatted files are the preferred acceptable format to supply.

IMTechnicals Software Assets

Partial List:
Adobe® Creative Cloud
Industry Standard Vector/Raster Computer Graphics Tools
Leveraging the industry standard computer aided design and manufacturing platform to manipulate, enhance and produce compelling client product related media.
Creating illustrative media to explain processes and procedures in patents and product manuals, installation instructions, service manuals, etc.